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Welcome to “White Rose Women”, a webcomic written and illustrated by Squishy (also known in some parts of the net as J.Z., Rabidpeach, Funnybird, you name it ;) ) and hosted on ComicGenesis.

Synopsis of the story. Twelve years ago in the kingdom of Celestina, Amadis Gloria, Queen of the western principalities, lost her one and only daughter who mysteriously flew across the sea. Now, the young princess has been located on Earth, married and bearing a human child. Amadis immediately leaves her heavenly kingdom in order to find her, and soon finds herself an ordinary woman in a mysterious, romantic, and oft-humorous new world.

Updates. WRW has fixed updates on Fridays, as well as bonus updates on subsequent days if more pages are available. It also boasts mysterious updates that occur during the holidays out of the blue.

Warnings? Some shounen-ai/slash. Oh, and some language. More to come as the story unfolds.



September 1, 2005: Welcome to the site! Please enjoy your stay. There’s not a lot to look at right now, but rest assured, the comic archives are going to grow.

If you ever get bored waiting for updates, please remember that I also run the comic “A, B and Myra”, as well as a fancomic to “No Rest for the Wicked” by Andrael, called “Nightfall Yonder Bremen”. Please feel free to browse through the aforementioned titles if you have too much time on your hands one day. ;)








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